School Laboratory

Project Based Teaching-Learning
Projects (both individual and group) form an integral component of our teaching-learning philosopy. Project method of learning enhances the sense of independence, responsibility, cooperation, open-mindedness, etc. in the young learners. In Short, the school fosters this "democratic" way of learning.


Mini reaseaches
We make children independent and self- sustaining in tune with the challanges of the twenty first century througn mini researches within the school and outside. These research activities give our students ample opportunities to work in harmony with their community and contribute to the betterment of it.


Continuous Assesment
Continuous Assessment System (C.A.S) is the heart and soul of our educational philosophy. We assess our students continuously and consistently throughout the academic year. Each and every single activity performed by a student both inside and outside the school forms our basis for getting a due recognition. Students are awarded grades for their performance in key areas such as regularity, home and class assignment, presentation skills, level of cooperation, discipline, punctuality, originality and creativity, etc. Hence, here at KMC, continuous assessment is given a significant weightage for the student’s final evaluation.


In-House Teacher Training
We believe that teacher training plays a key role in improving the quality of teacher which in turn gets transformed into the quality of learning in the children. Our teachers have faith in novel creation through their own efforts in their work places. This is made possible by mutual sharing of best experiences and the most successful classroom practices among themselves. We also grab every single opportunity to actively prepare our teachers to participate in national and international programs.


Mini reaseaches
We provide regular excursion, field trips and educational tours for intensive learning as per the demand of contents. This indeed testifies the essence of the KMC’s philosophy of learning.


Community work
Our children are encouraged to practice and appreciate community works so that they will be able to lead their own communities in the future.


Student Counseling
We have realized that quality education is only possible when the relationship between the tutor and the taught is based on love, affection respect and compassion. We make every effort to diagnose the psycho-social problem of our students as it appear and deal with it accordingly through the expertise of the school counselor.


Student Centered Teaching
We, at KMC, make sure that whatever practice we do puts the learner child in focus. We design activities in such a way that the children are provided ample opportunities to lead their teams, learn to value others viewpoints and opinions, generate knowledge on the strength of their teams and prove their achievements.


Regular Exhibitions
Exhibitions help children to plan, demonstrate and justify their work and most importantly make them more independent and confident in their own learning process. We organize and celebrate subject days at school which includes exhibition of particular subjects. KMC conducts a grand exhibition once a year. Besides this,, we also conduct intra – class, intra – school and inter – school exhibitions in diverse fields such as Arts and Crafts, Science and Technology, Reuse and Recycle of waste, etc.


Less Bookish Knowledge and More Creative Activities
We have conceptualized an innovative system of education to transform teaching learning procedures on the modest scale from traditional teaching learning process. We provide a few books but expect more creative activities. This practice will prepare students to face the challenges of life.