Admission Procedure

The school normally admits children of the appropriate age and ability and as per the seats available. Each academic session at KMC School comprises twelve months starting in Baishakh (Mid – April) and ends the following Chaitra (Mid – March). 

1. Age criteria : By Baishakh, a child should be of the following age for different levels:

  • 2-3years in Play Group
  • 3-4years in Nursery 
  • 4-5 years in Preparatory
  • 5-6years in Grade One and so on. 

2. Those seeking admission should fill up and submit the admission form available at the School Administration or in the school website. 

3. Children must sit for an entrance examination conducted by the Student Admission Committee.

4. Only the list of candidates,based on merit,will be published and recommended for admission. Selected children and their parents will be called for interview.

5. The admission committee takes the final decision after checking the documents and interviewing the child and his/her parents.

6. Children who have been studying in any other school must submit  the copies of the following documents during admission:  Progress report and mark sheet of the previous year Transfer Certificate, Awards, Honors, Prizes or Participation Certificates (If any) Birth Certificate.

7. Based on the written entrance examination, interview and other criteria, the School reserves the right to admit students. If the number of children seeking admission exceeds the number of seats available, the following criteria will be used to decide priority: 

  • Level of academic performance
  • Local residents of Buddhanagar area
  • Having a brother or sister studying at the School
  • Children from the deprived and underprivileged communities
*On all issues related to the entrance examination, selection and admission, the decision of the School Management is final.
Class Size 
We strongly believe in nurturing young minds by providing individual care and attention. This is truly reflected in our policy of class sizes which is “Small enough for individual care; big enough for efficiency”.  The class sizes are as follows:
  • Pre-primary: 20 per class
  • Primary (Grade I to III): 25 per class
  • Middle (Grade IV to VI):  30 per class
  • Senior School (Grade VII and above): 35 per class 

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