Our Additional Services

Counseling Unit

School has a counseling unit with a professional counselor. She/he has earned her/his degree and training in psychology and counseling. The counselor takes care of psychological, behavioral and social problems of the children. The counselor also provides the service for children individually or in groups to deal with their personal and group issues. 

Halls and Playgrounds

We have spacious multi-purpose halls for conducting programs, workshops, meditations, and indoor sport activities. We also have separate playgrounds for different school blocks so that the maximum number of children can play and enjoy the out-door activities, both curricular and extra-curricular activities.  

Health Care and Safety

School has a full time Nurse in position in school infirmary for immediate service in need. We provide First Aid on the spot in the case of accidents or illness of our children. Parents will be contacted or notified and the child will be taken to a nearby hospital immediately for further treatment, if necessary. We are highly aware of the safety of the children. Whether children are in or out of School, we are well prepared to respond to a variety of emergency situations. We often organize dental, eye and ENT checkup workshops in school as precautions. 
School also has its own water purification plants to offer safe drinking water. We have dispensers in each block for hot/normal drinking water for all.


The school is located within a secure compound. High walls and fencing make the borders of the school, and the front gate is opened only after visitors are identified. Well-trained, fully equipped, Ex-Army guards offer patrol service to the school round the clock. Entire school premises are also monitored by CCTV cameras for 24 hours.


Our dedicated and hardworking canteen staffs are busy round the clock preparing delicious, fresh and healthy food items for our students and staffs. A wholesome, hot and fresh menu that ensures a balanced diet is provided to children and faculty who wish to have snacks and meals at school. We encourage our students to enjoy fresh and healthy snacks served at our canteen. 

School Hostel

We have prepared our hostel settings and human resources keeping in mind hostel for our children must be “a home away from home”. 
We have separate Junior and Senior hostels for boys and girls. Our hostel team is prepared to work day and night tirelessly in order to provide the highest degree of care and emotional support to our children. Our hostel children can enjoy modern hostel facilities and homely environment at a reasonable cost. Our hostel is much liked by our residential students. We offer every support needed for the children to ensure they are physically healthy and strong, and academically sound. We have outstanding team of teachers to guide them on regular basis to uplift their learning gain. They also have regular meditation, and sporting activities to help them to become healthy and calm.

School Transport Service 

The Transport Department manages the safe and smooth transport of our students to and from the School. Our buses are in excellent condition for easy communication with the School in the event of emergency. Our drivers have been specially trained to respond to a variety of conditions that they may face on the road. Our bus attendants make sure that young children are never dropped off unless there is an adult to receive and pick them up. We frequently give orientations to the bus staff to reflect on their responsibilities and make them proficient in their jobs.